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Voice Input
English Models
These models are optimized to give the best results for the English language. They do not support any other language.
Best for quick processing. The default model for English.
Strikes a balance between speed and accuracy.
Best for the most accurate results, but more demanding.
Multilingual Models
These models try to support many languages at once. Jack of all trades, master at none. All variants support the same languages, only at different levels of accuracy. Many languages are not well supported depending on the amount of training data.
View language training data.

Fastest multilingual model, at a significant cost of accuracy.


Not recommended for most languages.


Balances speed and accuracy.


Recommended only for Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese.


Delivers the best accuracy for multilingual transcription.


Recommended for all other languages.

Community Models
These models are created by our community of users. They are unofficial, but valuable contributions. We encourage you to show your appreciation to the authors for their hard work and dedication.
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Want to add your own finetuned model?
The models are OpenAI Whisper (tiny, base, small) finetuned with the ACFT method.